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Welcome to the Group, Totem Poles Blog. This is the companion site to Group, Totem Poles which is dedicated to people who enjoy Totem Pole carving and all other woodworking. Our group started in 2002 and you can join for free.

Group, Totem Poles Blog: June 2010


New Pole?

Has anyone seen or carved a new Totem Pole lately Post you stories and comments.
Welcome to the online version of the Achteck Institute of Art. Here, you may present yourself and your art. For just $20 a month you will become an Achteck Institute resident, giving you your own page to tell the world about your art, and offer it for sale. Internet travelers will purchase your art right here, plus you are paid instantly. To take advantage of this great opportunity, click the link below, and pay monthly, or just once for the whole year. For more info, Click Here to contact us.

The Achteck Institute is located in north-central Montana, USA and is dedicated to art and artists which are out of the main stream. We are located just 70 miles from the world famous Glacier National Park where in as little as a day you can: fly in a helicopter over the park's lakes and glacial mountains; white-water raft; hike deep into lush forests; explore and stay at 19th century lodges like the one below and so much more.


Not Just Totems

This group is not just about Totem Poles. We have a unique membership: some do general woodworking; some do just tiki; some do fired clay; some do everything you can imagine and of course some do just Totems. We even have a stand-up comedian who does chainsaw art. So whatever you like to do, you will fit in just fine here...

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